Hey you all,

Does anyone read?  Does anyone read this Beeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa-log?

I’m livin large in Champion City doin’ the dew like no other.  Life is good.  I will be riding the skinnies and the fatties in ’11 like a fresh trucker.  

Check back in and I’ll post some BS that is forever.

J-Sparls, you are the only one reading right ha now.



Starting the blog up again.  I’ll probably post again in a year or so.  Keep checking back.

Here is how my Nationals 2009 went. 

-flew to montreal
-watched, “I Love You Man” and it was funny as heck
-got rental car
-drove 5.5 hrs to St Felicien, QC, got in at 430 am
-slept in late
-pre rode the course with Bobbin’ C (Cody Canning) and Geoff Kabush rode with us a bit and he called me fat and I called myself a dump truck
-went for supper.  Mike’s.  It’s a QC chain.  I had the BBQ chicken pizza.  Don’t do it, read on.
-team meeting.  It was decided that I am a the coolest.
-feeling a bit bloated now
-feeling pretty bloated now
-stomach is angry and feeling nauseous now
-uh oh, find a bucket
-puked and green apple splattered about 10 times throughout the night
-last puke and dry heave at 9am…it’s amazing how much puke can fit in a dump truck like me
-pre race meal-a corn flake and a headache
-drove to race course
-warmed up feeling awesome (sarcastic)
-start line, everyone was mellow and nice (funny how relaxed the elites always are)
-last place
-moved up to 5th last
-got to the first steep hill
-it looked like everest
-couldn’t push my legs hard enough to actually move up the hill
-moved off the trail and felt shame
-watched a bit, thought how I want to be fast nationally next year, it’s going to happen
-packed up
-drove 5.5 hrs back to Montreal airport
-hr 5 of driving, huge crazy mofo of a rain storm (it was on the weather channel news) and I was scared
-drove for 1 hr more in Montreal rain storm looking for a gas station that was open….none were open
-bagged the heck out of the rental car
-return of rental car
-stood in line at rental car office
-listened to 2 ladies trying to return a car that had a flat tire
-the desk guy said their car was from a private owner in Toronto and he couldn’t change cars
-the ladies were really angry and thought it was the worst day ever in life
-they complained a bunch more
-lady 1 dropped her change purse and it went all over the place
-she almost died because she thought it was her worst day ever in life
-lady 1 noticed I had already been waiting patiently and it had been for over 30 minutes
-lady 1 suggested to me that my day must not be as bad as hers
-I updated lady 1 with my trip up to that point
-lady 1 looked beaten
-lady 2, and desk guy also felt sorry for me
-after 30 more minutes lady 1 and 2 figured out their rental car problems
-back to my car problem
-desk guy said it will be 150 bucks to fill it if they do it
-I went back out and found a gas station and filled up
-returned car 1 hr late…he didn’t charge me a late fee and was nice to me
-went to the Tim Horton’s in the airport for a bagel
-ate the bagel as my first food of the day and it was gross
-found a nice place to sleep by a broken waterfall/staircase on the east end of the airport
-it was drafty
-got a few hours of sleep and some bug bites
-woke up, brushed teeth, and got on plane
-watched “the Sopranos”, 3 episodes, it was good
-flight landed smooth, my being on the plane probably had something to do with it
-Lovely Kathryn was waiting for me and it was all good
-Best trip ever!  Hope next year is even better.

TR ’07

The first day was a tough one.  I ate cream corn soup and it was really difficult.

Day 2.  Radium…..I think, to Nipika.  This one was kind of a good day.  Like Thanksgiving.  Lots of Turkey powergels and cranberry juice.  Roddi had a good start and kept up with everyone.  Tim and Roddi won by 5 minutes with a crazy hard flat that made Roddi swear like a hockey Dad.

Day 3.  Nipika to Nipika.  Roddi set the pace like a sleeping Wallaby.  He was falling asleep on the bike for the first hr of a 5 hr day.  It was a silly Nanny like non-other.  Tim and Roddi won by 5 minutes like the champions that they are.

Day 4.  Nipika to Whiteswan.  It was okay day.  We were 2nd.

Day 5.  Whiteswan to Sparwood.  We won this day and a camera man took a picture of me walking a rocky section.  I was embarrased and I feel ashamed for the foot work.  I will never let it happen again. 

Day 6.  Longest day ever.  130 some kms.  But I felt like a bag of super fat great mountain cyclist.  It was a good one.  I ate 3 pretzels and dutchy and cripes was it spanking dutch.  The Costa Rican’s said that they ran into a bear….but it was a cow.

Day 7.  Winners.  United Cycle Champions.  Costa Rica 2nd.  I think this is perfect timing.  Game over.  Thanks for reading.  I love you all.  I’ll be back when time wears out my wicker couch.  Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Bus Driver

simpsons_otto_mann.pngSo, who wants to come out and take me on in a few BMX races this year?  I’m getting very close to mastering the manual.  So far I can ride the rear wheel (that’s a manual if you don’t know) for about 10 feet.  Tomorrow, 20 feet, the day after that, your face!  That’s right, I’m sending out some trash talk to all of you to see if any of you are up for some BMX racing this year?  It’s on now.  Don’t forget, I’m the bus driver, I take everyone to school.  Actually, in another week I’ll have my class 3 drivers license.  So I can actually be a bus driver for real.

For any of you that are interested in seeing me play what could be the last hockey gamel of my life (as a goalie), come on out to Onoway, Albertay on Friday night at 8pm.  It costs $5-10 to get in and it’s game 4 of a 5 game series for the NCHL Championship, with my team the Lamont Bruins up 2-1.  Here is a quote from the Lamont Daily newspaper that was in last weeks Sports section.  “That Roddi Lega is the reason we are in the finals right now, he is so handsome.  He is definitely one of the top million goalies that ever played in Lamont.  I would even go as far as to say that he could probably play in the NHL….at least for the Leafs.”

 Now back to writing my Trans Rockies ’07 race report.  I bet you can’t wait.  Ha.

Hockey Star

oilers_team_photo_88.jpgDearest Everyone,

 How are you?  I’m still here kickin’ it on the down low.  I work at the Alberta Bicycle Association and I sit at a desk all day and phone people and talk about bikes.  I might write again in a few days if I photosynthesis the right combo of light, coffee, beer and cheese.  Prepare to be blow ow ow own away……or possibly let down……time will tell.

 Rocko out

Waaah Haaaaa

hockey.jpgWow this thing had better be good.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll throw down race report from stages 1 and 2 to keep you vultures off my back ahhhh haaaaa.  Today my excuse is that I worked for 21 hrs then I played hockey poorly, twice, and now it’s super late and you all have probably already got 4 hrs of sleep under your helmets. 

Working Hardly on it

hard-work.jpgYup, it’s still coming along slowly.  O BOY O BOY O BOY O BOY.  e i e i e i o.